Author Topic: 3ds Max Crash with Corona 3 Hotfix 1 + FumeFx EDU  (Read 189 times)

2019-03-07, 00:26:56


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Hi all,
i read daily this forum but this is my first post and, unfortunately, i'm here to write regarding a bug i think i found.

Software Used : 3ds Max 2019.3
                        Corona Rendere 3 Hotfix 1
                        FumeFx EDU

The problem : I created a scene with a plane and a FumeFx "Grid", then inside FumFx UI i created a FFX Simple Source and start caching; when completed i try to render a frame but Max/Corona freezes on "Parsing Scene" fase and a couple of  seconds later crashes ( see attached image "ParsingScene"), sometime with Error Report Window and, most of the time, just crashing and quitting without error message.

All the render and FumeFx (except for the cache directory) settings are set to default, but i tried to change almost all the settings and/or to  add light, materials,change Env map etc etc but the result is always the same.

The same scene with Arnold or Scanline doesn't have this problem, so i suppose it's correlate with Corona.

I attach the scene test described above so you can recreate the problem by yourself, just open it, set the cache ( in the zip file too) or create a new one, and hit render.

There is also a dump file in the zip for further investigation.

I know there is limitations in Corona with Volumetric FX as i read here , but as far i can understand it should be possible rendering FumeFx volumes directly without save it as .vdb and import with CVolumeGrid (which work quite well).

I just started to learn VFX and I would like to use Corona to render my experiments because i think it's a great render engine and i use it for all my other works.

Hope you can fix this soon and if you need more information just ask.


2019-03-07, 14:59:47
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Thanks for your report. We are aware of this, and we are solving this issue together with the Afterworks team.
Currently the suggested workaround is to export from Fume FX to OpenVDB format and load it into the Corona Volume Grid.

We will let you know in this forum thread about any updates on this issue.

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2019-03-07, 21:25:08
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I can not wait for this problem to be solved, meantime i will use Corona Volume Grid.

Thank you maru.

2019-04-07, 00:11:04
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Any information regarding this?  I love Corona but the backward progress on using FumeFX with Corona is disappointing.