Author Topic: Caustics not working  (Read 189 times)

2019-03-11, 10:41:33


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I've followed the standard tutorial on creating caustics with Corona, but they don't seem to render out at all (using 3 hotfix1 at the moment). We need these caustics as part of the main render, so switching to PPM just to render them (as other tutorials say) isn't a workable solution.

I've attached the test scene, but the attached render shows what result I am getting.

Any ideas?


2019-03-12, 18:00:44
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1) Your light source is tiny, so it's extremely hard to sample
2) You are using an IES light - I checked that disabling it helps render caustics
3) Remember that increasing MSI in the Performance tab will increase caustics intensity
Other than that I can only recommend waiting for the daily build with new caustics included. :)

2019-03-13, 09:23:31
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