Author Topic: Animation Artefact  (Read 109 times)

2019-03-11, 15:55:21


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Hi Coroner !

we're are on a rush for an animation and some stranged artefacts showed up in our sequences...

it comes from the sun..other passes are's only the sun pass with the problem.
artefact are comes a frame randomly....and its no coplanar geometry..checked.

any idea?

Moblur cam + object
new light solver on
global fog


2019-03-11, 16:09:01
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Some vital information missing - which version of Corona, under which 3D software app, on which OS?

2019-03-12, 18:02:53
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This looks like the new light solver issue. Can you try disabling it?
This should be fixed in Corona 3 Hotfix 1, so if you are using an older version, updating should help.

If you are using v3 HF1, we are definitely interested in investigating this.