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2019-03-20, 06:07:44


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Hi All,

I'm not sure if Corona forum is the best place to advertise here or not, but here goes:

I need help modelling a project I'm working on. It's an exterior only of an existing building, approx 2,500sqm. The CAD file is set-up with various floors (double storey civic building only), with elevations and sections. Additionally, lots of photos are available of the building. It doesn't have to be 100% accurate, and the detail doesn't have to be super high either. The most important thing is that it's vaguely representative of the actual building and surrounding landscaping (ie; benches, ramps, roads - no landscaping needed) and that you use a good system of layers for different building components.

Preferably the modelling would be done in either Rhino3D or 3DS Max. The timeframe is approx 1 week, and the budget is approx 400-500eur total.

If interested please PM me here with any relevant screenshots of previous modelling work (with layer system in view too, if possible please) and any other relevant work.

(If you know of a better place to advertise this work, please let me know).


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2019-03-20, 07:57:12
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2019-03-20, 09:06:45
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Philip kelly

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With all due respect that not enough money for that type of work, and you know it.

Dell Precision T7910

2019-03-20, 23:29:17
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Hello there. I can help you with that. I (

2019-05-07, 12:04:50
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Amit Sonkusare

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Hello Sir,

If you are still looking for modelling, you can contact me. I will send you my portfolio of my past projects. Let me know on the following email ID : whatsapp No. : +91 8421276100