Author Topic: XREf materials and Interactive Rendering  (Read 182 times)

2019-03-26, 17:11:08


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Hi all,

This is a tricky one to describe so please bear with me on this as to make it easy to understand might take some wording.

So, we are utilising a material library made up of a fair amount of XREf materials (because we have huge housing developments with lots of separate house XRefs which use the same materials) and are running in to a bizarre bug when using IR rendering. It happens in two ways.

When I drag a material in to the slate editor all it shows me is the base XREFmaterial. I apply it to an object, run IR rendering to have a look around, and then drag another material from the library in to the slate editor whilst IR is still going, this time the material shows me all full hierarchy of the materials so all the maps etc. If I then stop IR and drag a third material in to the slate editor it comes in like the first without the full hierarchy. So there seems to be a bug with this when running IR. I don't need to see the full hierarchy as all my materials are setup in a different file where I save the library from.

Further to this, and perhaps where the bug applies more is if IR is running and I close the Corona frame buffer, open a different maxfile, drag a material in from the library, it shows me the hierarchy of the whole material again, even though I haven't run IR in this file.

You can test this yourselves by creating some materials and applying to some spheres. Save this maxfile. In a new maxfile create a few standard xrefmaterials and load the materials into it from the file you just saved. Save these material to a .mat library. In a third maxfile, load the material library and drag the first material in. Run IR and then drag the second material in and the second one should show the hierarchy! All the rest you drag in will until you then stop IR, then when you drag materials in they will just be the base XRefmaterial.

I hope that all makes sense.........I consider this to be a bug but perhaps it's a feature....... :-) I look forward to any replies and fixes for this.



2019-08-15, 13:46:23
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I apologise for the amount of time it has taken us to get back to you.

Is this still an issue? If so, would you be able to provide me with a scene and perhaps a screencapture of the issue?

Instructions on how to do this can be found in my signiture.