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2019-03-28, 16:36:57


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The autosaving of CXR's seem to be system dependent.

Currently, if we do a render and auto save is turned on, it'll save a CXR into the folder we tell it to.

If a colleague needs to render something different on the same system; if autosave is still ticked, the CXR will be saved in the same folder and will overwrite existing CXR's.

Is there a way to have it set to scene dependent?


2019-03-28, 17:05:35
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In the autosave file name pattern you can use a subset of "tags" which are used in the render stamp. In the system settings dialog (the one you use to configure autosave) you can click the "?" button next to the VFB title setup to see all the available tags. Some of these are not available for autosave (like the rays/sec metric), but you can use %f which will be replaced by the filename of current scene.