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2019-04-11, 10:02:27


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I'm working on a big scene on 3dsmax with Corona and I've been meeting for some time this kind of problem:
I run my rendering and max shows me.
.Image 99 of 99
. last time 99:99:99
time elapsed 99:99:99

To interrupt rendering I must escape.

I am on 3dsmax 2018 + corona 3.2 + forestpack 620 + railclone 330
HP Z640 Workstation
64gb of ram.

Would you have an idea to troubleshoot me please.

2019-04-11, 10:07:22
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Philip kelly

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Your running out of Memory, from my experience.
Also, before you try to render the scene and you have been doing drafts, turn your machine on and off.

Try Ex reffing parts of the the scene in, it might do it.
Dell Precision T7910

2019-04-12, 09:57:53
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Hello and thank you for your answer.
I isolated the problem.
The 3D comes from REVIT, I have 2 forestpack for the trees as well as the plants of the terraces. Or there are many polygons but it works very well.
The calculation does not start as soon as I insert furniture on the ground floor of my scene that comes from an evermotion pack. I optimized it but nothing to do.

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