Author Topic: DR Nodes not detected when multiple instances of max are open  (Read 113 times)

2019-04-12, 13:04:42


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It seems that if ive been using render nodes in an instance of 3ds max and then switch to another instance, it cannot detect the nodes. If i close the original max window and then restart my second copy, they detect fine. Max 2018 and Corona 3.

2019-04-12, 13:19:57
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Never underestimate the power of a well placed level one spell.

2019-04-12, 13:49:05
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Known issue, already logged, moving to resolved.

Yes we are trying to fix it. It's not easy fix because we want to retain the ability to search LAN on all available adapters and at the same time allowing multiple instances of Max to be run on the same machine.