Author Topic: Forest Cotage WIP  (Read 304 times)

2019-05-12, 20:50:31


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Hey artists,
I've been playing around with this scene, overall I think I like where it's going,
I wanna add some fog in the background trees and maybe in the foreground as well and I wanted to gather opinions on how to proceed. Until now I've been using corona volume mat for the general fog and I added some more organic shaped fog in post using brushes and the Zdepth mask , but I am not 100% happy with this workflow, how do you guys do it?
ps. I know about the semi-floating tree :P

2019-05-15, 13:49:50
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I like what you are trying to achieve here, the mood and framing etc but I think the materials are a little lacking and it looks like some of your trees are slightly above the ground. ;)

2019-05-17, 13:44:50
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Nice scene, I think (apart from the fog) you need a bit more variation in the foliage. I've seen a video on corona youtube about it: