Author Topic: 3ds Max 2015 features  (Read 16183 times)

2015-02-08, 19:29:50
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Man, what the hell, I mean, 2014 was so good right ?

It's the IDIOTIC LAYER MANAGER merged with scene states that's absolutely unusable for architectural scenes. Is it cool if you have 200 objects ? Absolutely, work almost like Onion manager, but the moment you have 2000+ objects,
it's not possible to do shit with it. It does exactly what you say, have small freeze/lag. When you close it, it gets better, but not even close to as good as 2014 was performance was.

It's shame, because the other new features like placement tool are godly but overall, horrible.

I am seriously keeping 2014, this is not worth to look at. Even with SP2 it's horrible, fucking horrible.

Dead-thread but will post here too in case someone stumbles here:

Hi, probably you found that out already and it is just me who made that "big new discovery" just yesterday )) but here is small ini setting that reverts object selection to an oldschool one and makes using max 2015 a lot easier. Well at least for me object selection is fast and usable again and selecting over 9000 objects is once again a possible operation

That tip has totally saved me. I was enormously upset about this issue while having 2 x GTX980s in my WS. Thanks a lot! 2015 sucks all the way.
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