Author Topic: All Color mapping/postproduction feature requests  (Read 35349 times)

2019-04-03, 12:56:28
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Requests: pretty much most of the things that Dubcat has been covering in his thread re tonemapping.

For me I'd like to see reworked tonemapping from the ground up (proper filmic controls). Essentially I'd like DSLR like VFB results, especially with regard to burnouts/black crush and sometimes odd colour saturation. I've mentioned this before but if we could somehow port whatever FStorm is doing with their tonemapping to Corona I would never use FStorm again (well, apart from it's sweet geopattern feature and the way it cleans up DOF).

This. Please.

2019-04-03, 14:29:35
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For me the most needed features (beside already implemented ones) are LUTs - but implemented in such fashion, that user can select whole folder - and then easily switch between them (scroll), see the look, and choose the right one, because choosing one and then browsing t another is just a pain

I don't quite get it. This is exactly how it currently works :) And intensity would be "Opacity". You just have to set the mouse focus to the LUT line (not the arrow), then scroll with mouse wheel.

Good Luck

Maybe it wasn't how it works, back then in mid 2016?
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2019-04-03, 14:58:29
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Oh yes, sure, my bad, dunno what happened. Was clicking on the jump-to-last-post button in the unread messages list and had that post in front of me - replied without looking at the date :)

Good Luck

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2019-05-15, 11:55:32
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Attila Cselovszki

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We would like to create a before render script that loads in the chosen predefined setup to the post process config of VFB. In this way we would be able to apply LUT, Tone mapping, bloom etc in one round per camera in batch render. I know that all of these can be handled in render settings but ideally it would be nice to just load in our existing setups by script.
I would like to kindly request a direct access to the post process config via Maxscript.
Thanks in advance,