Author Topic: Blender Addon problem  (Read 2971 times)

2015-02-05, 10:51:55


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Hi everybody, this is my first post, I'm having difficult on installing Blender addon for Corona, so I need your kind help. First just a few words about this new render: I have been using 3D since Lightscape... what about Corona? WOW eh eh

I have tried:
1) installing on different version of Blender 2.69 - 2.70 - 2.72 (.exe and .zip)
2) instal from administrator and user
3) move the file into the directory <blender installation directory>/bin/2.69/scripts/addons (which I have had to create it. It doesn't exist anymore)
4) installing form the instal button in blender addons tab (nothing)

When I try to activate the addon I always get the same error:

See attach please.

Where do I am wrong, please?!

PS Yes, please Joel, come back, or find someone to go on with your great job. Not many people can afford Max or Cinema 4D and such a renderer for Blender would be a great choice.

Windows 7 64 bit - Intel i7

Downloaded from:
CORONA STANDALONE extended timelock (thanks Keymaster)!Standalone

2015-02-05, 11:58:37
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I don't remember what exactly it was but some time ago I tested corona+blender and had some error and the solution was to download older version of the blender plugin. Maybe this will help?

2015-02-05, 12:27:30
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addon is best stored here:
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.72\scripts\addons

If you have one here as well, you will have duplicate versions:
<blender installation directory>/bin/2.69/scripts/addons

hope this helps

2015-02-06, 09:40:31
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Thanks a lot for your kind and fast reply! It's very kind of you.

MARU: I have tried with the oldest addon but I get the error you can see in the new attachment. If then I try to activate again I get the previous error

GREYSCALE: I have tried but I get the same previous error

Thanks for help!