Author Topic: forestpackforest, or: why I love vertexColors :)  (Read 13644 times)

2013-06-13, 00:24:41
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Juraj Talcik

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The highlights are awesome ! True highlights, while keeping translucency was something impossible for me to obtain In Vray with 2sided mat.

Would you mind sharing a bit of the shader setup ? Is it just the translucency with thin leaf geo ? I am far from any exterior project, but foliage is my obsession, and I will eventually go back to conquering it.  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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2013-06-13, 00:43:47
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Dayuuuuum!!! pls enlighten us all especially on leaf material .... was a Hdri used?

2013-06-13, 02:44:20
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2013-06-13, 02:48:13
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BTW: is there any reason you had to use vertex color channel? Internally vertex color channel is just UVW channel 0. Also all modifiers seem to work with both vertex color and arbitrary UVW channels.
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2013-06-13, 10:23:41
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First, thanks again for all your comments! :)

About the Shading:
It's actually pretty basic. This is the tree leafs material that has been converted from Vray2Sided material (See picture below, one of the very rare cases I use Slate :D). One texture, blended with a vertex color map (see below for details), passing through a forest color map - which is unfortunately doing nothing in Corona yet - and some basic material setting afterwards ;).
Some of the shaders don't even have textures, just blended Vertex color maps.

No HDRIs were harmed during the making of this image :D . It's just a Corona Sky, Corona Sun and 1 little Area light.

About the VertexColor maps:
Vertex Color maps are a very very quick and awesome way to texture all kinds of foliage stuff. GrowFX has a nice feature where you can blend various VertexColor maps (as gradients) to make pretty nice looking leafs (and branches).
Sure, this would have been possible with textures too, but way more effort and less control.
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2013-06-15, 13:54:40
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    • jakubcech
Very nice, well positioned camera makes a lot of effect as it captures reflections on foliage, I love this render.

2013-06-18, 10:48:25
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Amazing like your other renders, so real !