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2015-11-04, 17:18:43


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I've created a pretty large scene for a client who has now decided he would like an interactive walk through.  I plan to use either unreal or unity (dependant on the reliability of video texture support).

My question is, what's the best way to get my painstakingly textured scene (corona materials) into the game engine?  I'd prefer to bake everything (lighting, reflections, refractions etc) as the client's machine is not particularly great.



2015-11-04, 17:27:06
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2015-11-04, 17:35:56
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I doubt you'd be able to get any sort of interactivity in a game engine if your clients machine isn't very good, without sacrificing a lot of visual fidelity.

You're able to bake lighting information in UE4, but that's it.

As for transferring materials over, it would probably be easier to remake them all in UE4. I do believe you're be able to bridge Corona materials from 3ds to UE4 with Allegorithmic's Substance Designer but I don't know how much a process it is.

2015-11-04, 20:58:11
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Juraj Talcik

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First, you can give up on this for now unless you're already created such prototype before :- ) This is not a work for one or two weeks.

Second, Unreal doesn't allow imported baked maps (Shadow and Lightmaps), so it doesn't matter if Corona will support them in future, Unreal will not support importing them any soon.
Only Unreal can currently generate all baked components by itself from light using Lightmass to reflections using Probe captures.

You can't transfer materials, since Unreal doesn't use specular/glossiness maps (not even inverting them would help since they are on curve in Corona for odd reasons) and neither bump maps.
You have to manually re-create them all. Same goes for lighting, Unreal only uses 2 bounces for Skylight, but up to 100 for analytical lights (Sun, Reflectors,etc..), so you won't create identical look.

Simplest way how to accomodate your client for now would be rendering bunch of 360 perspectives in Corona and embedding those in Pano softwares on website.  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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2015-11-04, 21:20:50
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Any image so we can have a better idea of what kind of materials do you need to translate?
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