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2019-03-15, 07:38:10
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Isn't curvature map local to the object only?
The Curvature map in Redshift works very similar to AO map in Corona except it by default finds the edges rather than the occlusion.
You can choose to find convex or concave edges, and you can also choose for the object to be affected only by itself or by other objects as well. Same as corona AO.

The good thing about it is that since Redshift has one single map for AO and one for Curvature, making worn convex edges or any other usage in this regard super easy, instead of struggling with a Map that is not intended for such usage.

does this solve the issue?

Not really.
The 3ds Max Data channel doesn't really cut it in this regard, because it has almost zero options. For instance, using a noise map to vary the thickness of the edges and what not is not possible, so its only a very limited workaround at best. 

I hope the Corona team will consider making a a separate map for curvature, its very needed for bigger possibilities when mapping objects. In combination with AO and Triplanar this increases the possibilities greatly and make the mapping process a lot easier...THe map option could be very similar to Corona AO, except finding convex and concave edges instead. With options to only do concave or convex or both, include other object or not to the equation and the ability to use a map or number to depict the radius and the strength.
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2019-03-15, 07:57:57
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Agree wholeheartedly with all that Joachim said. AO is not a valid replacement, Data Channel isn't either as setting up a modifier has obvious shortcomings compared to a shading approach.

Only thing worth adding is that a curvature map should also offer a 'flat' option in addition to convex/concave.