Author Topic: Active render frame/view switch  (Read 971 times)

2016-04-01, 11:26:52

David Males

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Hey guys,
I am not entirely sure if this was not posted yet, but as there is so many request I was not able to find it.. If it was, sorry for duplicating.

I think it would be really time saving and helpful to have the feature of switching between region/fullview rendering while the actual render is going on.
I bet everyone here experienced that some parts of the image would need more passes while the others are finished, and instead of switching to region render and rendering the region again,
it would be nice if we could focus the render on the parts which are not completely done, while rendering!

I am not really into the programming and I have no idea if this is hard to do, but it would be very helpful, at least for me:)

Thank you guys anyway and keep up the good work.

2016-04-01, 12:10:33
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What you are describing sounds like something that could be fixed by adaptivity, which is already implemented in the newest builds of Corona. Basically it makes noise level uniform across the whole image so you do not end up with some areas more noisy than other.
A solution could also be a "focus sampling brush", which would allow you to paint over the areas which should be sampled more. This was also already requested, and could be implemented at some point if needed.

2016-04-12, 14:43:27
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adaptivity and render region in 3dsmax are already added in dailies!
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