Author Topic: autodisable renderselection when choosen objects is empty  (Read 920 times)

2016-05-14, 09:38:41

Christa Noel

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Hi guys,
this maxscript does automatically disable renderselection right on just before render started when renderselection mode is viewport selection but nothing selected or renderselection mode is inc/exc hide list but in include mode and the list contains no objects or object g-buffer ID but there is no object in scene has the ID specified.

1.copy "DionchStudio - preRender" to 3dsmax installation root folder\Scripts\startup
Or like this: ( C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2016\scripts\startup )
2.Start 3dsmax
3.Go to customize user interface > toolbar tab > category: DionchStudio >
4.Drag "Autodisable Renderselection" to the desired toolbar

to use it, click/check the button and it will do the detection and uncheck it to stop the detection.
note: i don't know how to make it work only on the max regular render and not on IR. i have post a thread asking for this but :( got no response :( :(
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