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2019-07-04, 18:31:44
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+1 on the learning of how to extract and make usable LUTS from specific camera profiles, I have a D810 and I'd love to being to extract the response curves of the various picture modes (Standard, Neutral, Flat, Landscape etc) and use them as LUTS or Curves in VFB.  It would make camera matching lighting and colours an absolute dream

2019-07-24, 14:36:23
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and this is how you can emulate fStorms "Angle Affect" option in Corona

Can anyone explain this shader tree?
There seems to be no detail in this thread about what the corona colour node marked 1.8 is.
Ive tried to recreate this and that colour seems to do absolutely nothing.
To quote myself two posts ago:
I am fairly certain the CoronaColor is set to Solid HDR Color with 1.8 in R, G, and B, making the CoronaMix multiply your original glossiness values by 1.8x. This would make values above 141 go beyond 255, so the output has clamp enabled to bring those values down to 255.

The shader amplifies the glossiness at gracing angles, and yes it's subtle (most of the time).

So just to make this clear- this feature (angle effect) that was requested 2+ years ago still isn't implemented in Corona? Because I heard someone saying it was already implemented since corona version 1.7 (or smth) "under the hood". No?
Test of mine:

To me it looks like reflection gets sharper towards the light source, just like in fstorm, but maybe I'm wrong.
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2019-08-05, 05:39:39
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I've made a new Discord server that will be invite only, but everyone can join.
Send me a PM, and I will send you an invite.

Is it still working? apparently you blocked PMs