Author Topic: Middle of the night  (Read 1481 times)

2017-01-26, 22:07:02


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This is a test with low light - scene is lit with only one light stuck in the sphere (which is solid - material settings are basically the "milk" settings taken from the demo shaders) and a low-key hdr from the outside.
You see the beauty with glare and reflect pass added on top.
Renders obscenely long (this one has about 900 passes) even with denoising.
Of course this approach is impractical, as one would normally render a lighter scene and dim it down afterwards or put more invisible lights into the scene, but are there tips for tackling a scenario like this, meaning: Corona settings?

2017-01-27, 17:18:58
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-Use portals:
-Avoid using SSS + lights inside for lighting. Instead, either use a material which will appear as "glowing", but will not actually illuminate the scene (e.g. CoronaLightMtl with "emit light" off), or exclude the glowing object from GI calculations (use RaySwitch material for this) and use an invisible light source to illuminate the scene.
-Check whether there is more noise in direct or indirect light, and tweak render settings accordingly: