Author Topic: Color shift between VFB (or CIE) and Photoshop  (Read 1589 times)

2017-05-11, 14:22:41


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Hi everyone,

I'm pretty sure i haven't touched anything in Photoshop lately, but for some reason I'm finding a noticeable color discrepancy between my VFB and Photoshop. It probably is PS related, but I wanted to seek for help here, as you all probably use the same workflow I use.

I've been quite happy with the new tonemapping capabilities of the framebuffer, so I do most of it inside Max, then export to 16bit TIFF to do some touchups in PS, collapse to 8bit and send to client. Today, I just noticed a major color shift from the Corona VFB (same as in CIE) to PS, the only remedy is showing Proof Colors (set to Monitor), but after saving a copy the shift is back. I'm pretty sure I've havent touched anything in PS, and this behaviour didn't occur before 1.6 (??)

I'm pretty bad with color profiles,and most info I can find is related to printing, etc.. So any tips on setting up a correct workflow are more than welcome (Max> Tonemapping> touchup in PS> export for client). BTW, my monitors are correctly calibrated using DisplayCAL, and Ididn't notice this behaviour before. Thanks in advance.
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2017-06-03, 01:12:50
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Have you changed your monitor recently?

2017-06-03, 02:32:13
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Sounds like you have some issues with your color settings in PS. That is a big topic, and I won't go into detail here (there's lots of reading online if you really want to learn), but a simple tip is to use sRGB for your main profile. From my experience it works the best from VFB to PS to Client to Publish/Print.

2017-06-09, 07:25:12
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Juraj Talcik

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he only remedy is showing Proof Colors (set to Monitor),

Gamut difference. You can read the above post which surprisingly leads to my old rant about non-existent color management in 3dsMax/Corona :- ). Since you only experience it now, maybe you did something incorrect before (assigning profiles in PS?).

To avoid lengthy explanation of above post, only two solutions currently exist:

1)Clamp down to low-gamut sRGB spectrum as your DisplayCal. You will loose the rich colors of wide gamut in managed applications, but everything will be consistent, even non-managed apps (3dsMax) with managed apps (Photoshop).
2)Keep your wide gamut profile. Enjoy rich colors in Photoshop (which your clients will not see anyway unless they print it), but then you have to mentally ignore the incorrectly saturated colors in non-managed apps (3dsMax).

Do not worry, it only took 3dsMax devs 5 years to implement high-dpi scaling to support 4k monitors. In another 5 years they might even support color management :- ).
(I avoided 'autodesk' argument because Maya has fantastic management, I don't get it).

This issue will only get worse with the upcoming HDR-ready monitors, because for past years, only maybe 2perc. of people owned high-end wide-gamut displays (1k+ euro for most flagships), but the gaming/media will bring through HDR wide gamut for everyone (DCI-P3, and eventually REC 2020).I hope this will force wider (no pun) wide gamut adoption among mainstream, and thus software support.  Website and blog   Our studio Behance portfolio
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