Author Topic: White Apartment  (Read 10403 times)

2013-10-27, 07:41:38
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wow.. blackhaus .. u are one of my fav artist .. even i am not vray user (i am mentalray user), i like your works .. even u said u are noobs, but those are amazing render sir .. maybe the environment outside the window glass, better if it not just a white, image or hdri maybe will makes more real .. just my imho sir

2013-10-27, 23:29:44
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    • jakubcech
Hi Fernando,
I am very pleased to see another incredible artist on the boat.
Your test renderings are great and I would love to see more of them made with corona.
Love your style and work!

Jakub Čech

2013-11-20, 09:59:20
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Another great name here in Corona forum... great renders as usual, congrats

2013-11-20, 16:39:50
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Hi, Guys!!!

Sorry for the delay, some projects are rushing my time completely!!!
Thanks for the feedbacks, I really enjoy the corona test, I've been using it again in my personal project
hope sooner, to have something to share with you and to learn with the feedbacks!!!!
Good tests guys,