Author Topic: Corona Color Picker and standard light colors  (Read 1102 times)

2017-08-10, 16:09:31


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Hello, was working on a scene and noticed I was not able to change the color of a max standard light (I use them for gobo/projection lights since corona doesn't really support that yet). When I tried to change the color it would look like it change but the render would be the default value and when I select again its back to default. I was using corona color picker doing this, when I revert back to the max color picker it would allow me to make color changes. So having corona color picker prevents you from selecting standard light colors, it seemed to only be affecting the standard max lights (photometric seemed fine)

its pretty easy to replicate, would like to confirm its a bug. Open a blank max scene, make sure you have corona color picker enabled, create a standard target spot and try to change the color.

using corona 1.6.2 and was happening in max 2017 and 2018, thanks

2017-08-11, 11:45:45
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Also same problem occurs when using GToolsLightLister - changing colors with corona color picker via lightlister not working
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