Author Topic: Xref - have this been solved?  (Read 1089 times)

2013-10-07, 15:12:21


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I have this huge project. I remember corona have issues with Xref (didnt support it). I have huge geometry scene + a lot of dynamics (mParticles) and this is not even end (there will be some RayFire destruction).

I cannot reference  static (not animated) geometry (this would be the best idea). I cannot reference dynamics - 3ds max crash (i dont know how to solve this). And ofcourse i cannot keep everything together in one file :) I can reference geometry using RF Cache, yet this is very 'unstable' - been there dont want to do that anymore.

So... have Xref been solved? Or do i have to wait for beta? :( Do u guys use any other scripts to reference scenes?

P.S. Build timestamp: Jun 12 2013 21:19:22 (ALPHA v5)

2013-10-07, 16:36:57
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yes, this has been solved in the daily builds
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