Author Topic: Shadowpass - surface at right angles to Corona Sun is non-black, bug?  (Read 381 times)

2017-11-01, 15:01:19


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If a surface is at 90 degrees to a Corona Sun, then it does not show as completely black in the CShading_Shadows pass.

Image attached showing a cube, with the Corona Sun at 90 degrees to the sides. The Shadow pass shows some coloration for those sides when I think they should be totally black, so I think this is a bug?

- Happens in 1.7 and 1.6.1 (and in C4D which is where I noticed it)
- Happens on both sides of the cube that are at 90 degrees to the light source
- Happens whether the plane is there or not
- Happens whether I apply a CoronaMtl or not (example image didn't have any materials applied)
- Happens if the Sun and Target are both offset to the side like in the example
- If I offset the sun to by 0.002m compared to its target, the sides become completely black which is what I would expect (but not at 0.001m offset)
- Tested changing terminator fix to 1, still happens
- Have not tested with light sources other than the Corona Sun