Author Topic: Save as .cxr from the rendersettings  (Read 1302 times)

2017-11-27, 02:08:35


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Hey everyone,

I started using Corona for C4D about a month ago, and I'm getting used to it more and more, and with this I'm more and more amazed, coming from Physical Renderer.
One feature I love most is the options it gives for postproduktion within the VFB and especially with the Image Editor.
But I'm heading a little problem, for which I haven't figured out a solution yet.
I'm rendering very frequently at a render farm (Rebus) at the moment, so I need to use the Rendersettings "save as" for saving, which isn't giving me the possibility to save a file as a .cxr to adjust the lights, exposure etc. later in the Image Editor.
Is there any way to work around this and I'm just to stupid to find it, or is that a thing I just have to take for the moment as it is and hope for Changes?

2017-11-27, 13:33:23
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Hi, currently the autosave feature needs fixing and saving .cxr files from C4D is a bit more complicated than we'd like. But what you can use for now is automatic saving of images into VFB history. Those images are dumped to the disk as well. So just enable saving of history at the end of rendering and locate your render in the correct place on the disk (if that's at all possible on a render farm). See the attached image

2017-11-28, 02:49:13
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So at the moment there is no way for doing this as long as there is no way to get to that folder, which isn't possible on an external render farm like Rebus?
But even if that is the Case, your tipp is pretty useful, thanks for that!

2018-03-17, 16:13:28
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I would put a +1 to this feature! :) I'm also using a lot the .cxr for editing further the file at the end, and having a way to save on the rendersetting will help to automate with the Tasks job.
aluxado | render like photography

2018-03-28, 21:58:41
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I tied this hack and it doesn't seem to work on my render farm (on a Mac anyway).  I was able to get the .cxr when I rendered the file locally but is doesn't appear the file is saved on a client machine.


2019-02-14, 15:01:19
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Sorry for awaken this thread but did something happen here? I contacted RebusFarm Support and they told me you can't render an CXR through their farm using Corona in Cinema 4D. Do you have any news?