Author Topic: Uv map node bug?Scene meshes blowup/expolde after rendering with Corona.  (Read 633 times)

2018-01-14, 16:42:40


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I am having this issue. I am not sure if it has something to do with hair particles which I converted to geometry.

Any solutions or workarounds? also seems like there is a bug with uvmap node working with scale values below 1.
Checked out this technique used for game engines:
seems using the 0.25 for the variation texture doesn't match up with the 1.0 texture.
This works correctly in blender cycles.
It seems I had a mesh that had a particle system assigned to it that was corrupt or had scale issues. I deleted it and the explode or blowup problem is gone. Since Corona can only handle exported geometry from hair particles. It's best to put any mesh with particles using object instances in another layer that won't render or delete it.
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