Author Topic: 3ds Max 2018/2018 Render Node Error: Render Error (Beginning Renderer)  (Read 901 times)

2018-03-25, 21:11:46


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I searched the forum for this, "Render Error (Beginning Renderer)" and find it odd that it returned no results and that I'm the only person with this issue.

However, I just installed Max 2018 and Max 2019 on a render node that's running Windows 7 Professional (SP1). I did all of the Microsoft Updates. I then installed Corona.

When I try to do a network render it fails. I get the following error message:

3dsmax adapter error : Autodesk 20.4 reported error: Render Error (Beginning Renderer)

How can I solve this and get the render node to function?

2018-03-25, 23:00:09
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Did you tried doing a regular workstation render on that node on the scene that you try rendering? This might be an obvious problem, but does the machine has enough RAM to render the scene?

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2018-03-26, 09:17:16
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"Render Error (Beginning Renderer)"

This usually indicates that Corona is not installed/working at all. Are sure that you installed Corona correctly on that node for Max 2018? Does a 2019 job work? (Corona 1.7.4 needed)

Good Luck

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