Author Topic: Rendering Pass 2 has elapsed '48:36:34'!!  (Read 461 times)

2018-03-28, 15:35:00


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okay -

i've been experiencing some really major issues with my scene. :(

i have several cameras in my scene - rendered my first the other day @ 5000 px wide - @ 6% noise lever - took a few hours and looked great!

moved to camera 2 - first render spent close to 30 hours on initial render pass! :S i canceled... the only thing i can think of that i know changed - was that i imported a building from 3dsky :

i didn't like the way it was working with my scene - so i deleted it!  i then save-selected my scene - reimported to a new scene - and tried again. this time (i was out of the office for a couple days) took about 48:36:34 -  on only render pass 2.....! crazy!

so i have no idea what's causing this! especially since the first camera rendered so smoothly!

i am attached several screen shots of my setup in render settings, lightmix, etc..

(i will note that the last render didn't have a noise threshold set - it was a new scene and i forgot to update that. could that be the problem?)

any help and/or ideas is greatly appreciated! i'm losing my hair! :D


2018-03-28, 19:54:50
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I believe you do not enough RAM and this cause slowing down,it depend of camera angle (distance to camera), try to reduce displacement quality

2018-03-28, 20:27:20
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Could be RAM, and as noted, could be the memory requirements are different for one camera than another depending on displacement (it's calculated using Screen mode by default, so what is seen in the camera will affect what calculations need to be done and how much memory is needed for that).

Certainly using LightMix layers (and in particular if they have Denoising enabled) will increase memory requirements. How much RAM does your system have? Can you check and see how much RAM is being used while rendering?

Hints and tips on what to do in situations where RAM is running low can be found at