Author Topic: Corona Renderer 2 for 3ds Max (Release Candidate 3) is out now!  (Read 1247 times)

2018-06-15, 00:09:30


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Corona Renderer 2 for 3ds Max (Release Candidate 3) is out now!

Everyone with an active FairSaaS or Box with Subscription license has access, and the download is in the usual location:

A Release Candidate is close to being the final release, but we need your feedback to catch any remaining bugs or other issues from real world testing!

Here are the changes in RC 3 since RC 2:

- Fixed seam created by BumpConverter on objects with symmetry modifier
- Fixed pixel probe in CIE having unreadable text when user uses a specific Windows skin
- Fixed occasional IR restarts caused by (auto)saving the 3ds Max scene
- All materials in the Material Library now have the "Show Shaded Material in Viewport" option enabled by default; this does not affect rendering
- Fixed occasional crash when moving an animated Corona Camera
- Fixed Material Library search box losing focus when typing
- Fixed displacement sometimes unnecessarily subdividing triangles in flat heightmap patches
- Fixed bounding box scattering mode to correctly respect non-default densities of distribution objects. The fix affects only newly created scenes. For old scenes the fix can be enabled by disabling the Legacy mode checkbox in the Scattering rollout.
- Postprocessing, denoising, LightMix, and all other settings are now correctly merged while merging CXR images in CIE (both in GUI and command-line version)
- CVolumeGrid
    -  Inverted meaning of frame offset parameter to be consistent with CProxy
    -  Inverted meaning of absorption tint and color mapping. Setting absorption tint to some color will now actually tint the volume in the scene to the set color
    -  Emission in blackbody mode can now be additionally modified by curves in the color mapping dialog
    -  “?” help button from grid mapping dialog replaced with general “Online help” button in CVolumeGrid itself, which launches a help page in a browser
- Error Window no longer shows up on warnings if “Error only” option is set
- Fixed CoronaBitmap blur parameter not working when used as environment background
- Material previews in the Material Library now open resized to maximum (native) size. If any of them gets resized during current Max session, size of the last resized one will be used instead
- Fixed problems in DR when camera with non-ASCII name was used
- Fixed inverted mapping on back side when using Triplanar texture
- Fixed occasional crash when moving VFB render regions during rendering
- Fixed UvwRandomizer map not displaying preview in Slate material editor correctly
- Fixed occasional crashes when CoronaDistance map is used in VolumeGrid

Please post all bug reports, questions, etc. on the main Daily builds version 2 thread at