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2019-05-15, 22:40:00
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Yeah I agree with you but I do sometimes think people just are a) afraid b) don't educate themselves enough c) just caught believing the hype. We are all guilty of it sometimes, no exceptions imho.

I do know some people who were diehard into the Mac plaftorm, totally not technical peeps. Then, with the Threadripper and its performance versus cost, they switched and never looked back. Was hard to make the first step but after that, seems like smooth sailing.

Likewise, I'm sure there are designers out there who are rocking that Mac plaftorm.

Another example would perhaps be people who are stuck on legacy renderers. I've had talks with people running LC LC in V-Ray in the 21st century - Totally cool if it makes sense but sometimes people just don't get out of their comfort zone. In this particular case, once they've tried going BF LC their production times went down by a ton and it was less technical overall - once they figured it out.

I mean I suppose thats why we all talk to each other and have these debates :) Ultimately, if people feel comfortable with their set up and don't need "more" for what they are doing... Then to me they are definitely making a good choice. I wouldn't recommend a 2D designer to invest into 4 GPUs / Uber CPUs just because he'll occasionally render a clay box. On the other hand, I'd probably challenge somebody to think about investing into exactly that if their workflow seems slow, they are falling behind schedule because of it and are just generally unaware of the tech world and how it progresses (Threadripper is a good example, still catches some rendering peeps by surprise).

I think we are talking about the same thing anyway, I just had some extra time for a wall of text, lol. Qapla!
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2019-05-15, 23:01:45
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cool, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Very soon I will need 3x more render speed. And then it´s clear which way to go... not stuck to California products at all.
But I guess both OS will work in parallel, to get the best of both worlds.

2019-05-16, 06:37:24
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We recently had to decide between building a 2990wx machine and investing in GPUs to test alternate workflows.  We decided to go the GPU route.  We tried FStorm (awesome in many ways but lacking in others...denoiser being the biggest along with procedural map support like tiles) and VRay Next (I want to ‘believe’ but it hasn’t clicked yet).  Currently waiting for Redshift 3.0 to come out but also sort of wishing we’d spent that hardware budget on yet another threadripper so we could have augmented our Corona workflow.  Anyway, sort of on-topic sort of off-topic, but I certainly resonate with the idea of always reevaluating workflows and investment choices.

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2019-05-16, 11:36:25
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Juraj Talcik

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Heh, Windows vs MacOSX as software platform, and sticking to known workflow vs updating tools on every corner are two discussions I wouldn't even begin :- ). Those can just be debated endlessly and they kind of lack the simple arguments that hardware can give and I am really just a hardware guy (PCs, cars, bicycles...).

I can actually well emphatise with people who stick to Mac platform because of the software. I once chose WindowsPhone and when it died (the platform, never the phones) I was really unhappy to make the Android switch, for me the cohesion and simplicity was the same reason why Apple people stick to Apple products. In the end I bought the one spying brand with best camera...and still didn't make peace with the software side. So I am fully onboard here ;- ).

But purely hardware talking, that was always very utilitarian thing to me and I would always suggest saving any possible cost (but I understand well the argument that time is money) when it is reasonable. For freelancers and small companies, building custom workstations with off-the-shelf hardware (Threadripper, Engineering sample Xeons,etc..) was one thing that made the whole investment in CGI career a bit less painful. Because unlike photographers with "Gear acquisition syndrome", spending 10k+ a year on hardware I 'need', not 'want' never really made me that happy, I see it strictly as necessity. Fancy cases, clean cabels, huge performance...all nice and of course it makes our work faster and easier but ultimately it's just sacrifice that must be done and the less of an financial sacrifice it is, the better.  Website and blog    My Behance portfolio   Something new

2019-05-16, 12:34:27
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Let´s get back to Threadripper... :)))) says the Mac guy.

Yesterday I had a look at Titan Computers (sorry for naming... no advert !!! ).

Those guys sell the 32 core with similar specs as described by Juraj for min. 5000,- USD.

I guess I will order the machine at Juraj... :))))

2019-05-17, 02:21:03
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For what it's worth, here is what I paid for my components:
Threadripper 2 (from eBay) - US$1100
Meg Creation MB (from Amazon) - US$500
64GB RAM (from Newegg) - US$400
Case - US$150
Cooler (from Amazon) - US$90
PSU (from Newegg) - US$250
HDD (from local computer shop) - CDN$80

I am using an existing old graphics card (box will only be used for rendering). All up that's a little over US$2500, an amazing price for a system like this. I guess if you factor in a couple of hours of research and build time, then depending on how much you value your time, add on another few hundred dollars. That's still $2000 cheaper than many computer shops.
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