Author Topic: Issue with "Scene bounding box is too large"  (Read 779 times)

2018-08-24, 16:43:14


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I've seen this asked elsewhere but the solutions given where years old and are not working for me.

I'm trying to render a scene I received from a client but if I try to render it an error pops up saying:

"Scene bounding box is too large, some shading artifacts may occur.
Scene bounding box is (minX minY minZ maxX maxY maxZ): -3.33334e+22 -3.33334e+22 -3.33334e+22 3.33334e+22 3.33334e+22 3.33334e+22"

I've never run into this problem before. I've tried save selecting the entire scene and opening a fresh file, importing but the same thing happens.

Strange stuff happens too. It's as if the scene gets frozen when you render it and acts really strange with the Light Mix. The environment pass seems Ok, but everything else becomes extremely buggy.

Anyone know what the issue might be - I've tried the Unit setups solution but no luck.

Thanks in advance.
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2018-08-24, 22:10:43
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2018-08-25, 02:40:39
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It's not a renderer issue, it's a CPU issue. Those numbers a huge and will result in precision errors. Try shifting the decimal to the right a number of places.
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