Author Topic: Can SOLIDWORKS model high quality car models?  (Read 459 times)

2018-09-06, 18:33:15


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I want to create a high quality car model like what you see in the image below.
Can SOLIDWORKS model the same quality or do I need to use Maya (polygonal method?
My problem with polygonal method is its low quality and artifacts in some curved areas when I add smoothing.
Please guide me.

2018-09-19, 14:18:42
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Yes and no, If you are looking to render the model, i would say no as solidworks is a manufacturing software. the model you would export from it would be of triangles, so you would end up with a very faceted model i would guess, Then you would run into the same problem as you are having now when smoothing it out.

I would suggest maybe pinpoint the areas / corners you are having issues with smoothing and look into some new polygon modelling techniques to solve your issue.

2018-09-19, 14:52:53
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Actually, any package featuring NURBS will produce perfect surfaces, without any artifacts. NURBS surfaces are similar to vectors in 2d where a curve is described by a function instead of a pixel which results in technically limitless accuracy and resolution. The data would be exported as IGES or STEP (common NURBS exchange formats ) which Max imports, allowing you to set the mesh resolution to anything you want.

However, modeling in NURBS is not as easy and intuitive for organic surface like a car and require a lot of thinking prior to modeling. Some (expensive) packages allow further deforming of surfaces or special tools for organic modeling, but in general it needs a lot of planning.

If you want to dip your toe into NURBS there's an inexpensive app called MoI3d (Moment Of Inspiration) - It's a side-project of the original creator of Rhino but has grown into a good all-round NURBS app, small and intuitive but a bit basic in some features. They also have a forum with some impressice work examples.

Keep in mind that some advanced features are only to be found in really expensive packages like Catia or Siemens NX, which also are often used in automotive and transportation design and manufacturing.