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2018-09-15, 18:10:40

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I was wondering if you guys use any sort of app or online service for project management? Something that helps you control work progress and tasks sharing within the team, or alows your clients to keep track on changes and comment on images? I've been looking for some tools recently and feel quite overwhelemed by what's available on the market. We have a small team of 3 people and simple written to-do lists or chat work quite well, although I'm eager to try something new.
So far I decided that I will give Trello and Asana a try, will see how it goes. Feel free to share your approach to this matter, what tools do you use and how do you use them ;)

2018-09-17, 11:14:05
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I´ve used monday app in trial version - quite cool but I don´t want to pay for such app yet so I switched to clickup

2018-09-17, 15:06:37
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I think it's best to try a few solutions and see which one suits you best, based on your team size, needs, specific workflows.
I have some experience with Trello and Wrike. I love trello for simple TODOs, and Wrike is often overcomplicated and slow, but it offers many advanced features useful when many team members are involved in something.
You could even use Google Keep, since it now features sharing of lists. :)

2018-12-03, 18:51:21
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We tried to use Trello for project management and collaborating with the clients, but it was a rather confusing experience - both for them and us. Then found Airtable - for us it was a much more convenient tool - like a user-friendly version of excel. Whats good about it is that the free version is more than enough to understand will it suit you or not. In fact, we are still on the free plan ;)

Forgot to add, we use dropbox for file exchange with clients - every project has its own shared folder with subfolders. In one we put our outcoming files, in another client adds his files with corrections.
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2018-12-04, 00:06:36
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We use a combination of Slack and Trello.  Slack for keeping a log of communication about a given project (by using channels) and Trello for to-do's.  I'm sure there are other good alternatives out there but that's what works for us these days.

2019-05-24, 13:31:55
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We have tried many. It really depends on the size of the company and if you plan to use the system with your clients as well.

Asana was nice - but back in the day it was pretty slow and there was no Gantt chart
Trello - is a great tool for small teams with small amount of task. I still use it for my personal stuff
Wrike - gets more powerful with every update, does have a lot of functions, but also bugs which can drive some people mad, but I like it the most.
Google Doc - still widely used in our office as a collaboration and planning tool. It still does have its place
Basecamp - I hated UI, looked old school, I found UI bad for big companies with many people on board
Microsoft Sharepoint etc - Don't just don't do it.
JIRA - regarded as the best solution among devs and IT guys, but not that user friendly for "not IT people".
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