Author Topic: Hard surface modeling  (Read 773 times)

2018-09-27, 08:24:54


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The following is a polygonal camera which has not been smoothed using turbosmooth.
How the final render can be smooth while there is no smooth modifier in the main model?
What is the keyword for this type of modeling? I want to search some information on Google.

2018-09-27, 09:50:19
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  • Let's move this topic, shall we?
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Ok, let's see
  • object doesn't need turbosmooth in order to be smooth
  • you can make object to look not smooth, even if it has turbosmooth applied
  • turbosmooth's main purpose isn't to make object to look smooth, but to subdivide it - smoothing is just a side effect
  • the model in question was modelled with the help of turbosmooth modifier. I don't know the name of this technique. You can google for "double smooth" - it'similar, but not exactly the same
  • the shaded model is rendered with turbosmooth on top (look at the Leica red dot)
  • educate yourself about smoothing groups concept - that is essential for every modeller
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