Author Topic: Node improvements | Additional Node Shaders  (Read 869 times)

2018-11-03, 21:56:54


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I rely a lot on node workflow. It's nice we have one in Corona now but it's not over yet. I'm feeling very limited for the moment, especially on procedural workflow. It works great on simple texture/UV based workflow.

This is a list I'll update on what can be improved for a more professional and "production ready" node editor.

• Shortcuts
• Solo node (a way to bypass the "links" (ropes) and only see the selected node, important when working on albedo /roughness maps for exemple - Octane/Arnold has two ways to do it : right click + solo for Octane, and a shortcut with Arnold to link the selected shader directly to the node output (Arnold works differently, it works with an output input)
• When creating a new material in the node, it creates a new one in the material manager, this should be removed and work the same as in Arnold/redshift.
• More nodes : Invert (without using the color-correct node), Multiply, Float (value of 0-1), Projection (UV) & Transform ( are a good start. 
• More curve/slider UI for nodes than default C4D basic gradient workflow.
• Tedious task but maybe replace the C4D compatible shader by some real Corona shaders ? Imagine Maxon decides to remove some shaders, and overall it's always better to have custom made shaders like all other renderers, for more control and user preferences.
• Invert checkbox directly in CoronaBitmap, to avoid the over use of ColorC_Node
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2018-11-06, 23:21:23
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+1 on pretty much everything. The Solo option and the UVW transform (not the projector effect) are key to me though. :)

2019-01-04, 16:19:01
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Those are all good ideas.
I'm missing the solo button the most :)

2019-01-10, 11:51:20
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yes +1 for me too to the above:)