Author Topic: Just wood - set of CG imagery for a job application  (Read 384 times)

2018-12-10, 19:44:44

David Males

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Hello everyone,

This time I'd like to share a little project of mine, which I completed as a part of a job application for a position in a certain texture website last week..
The task was to create set of images to promote their upcoming wood collection in certain time..

After a day of reference collecting and creation of a moodboard I designed this humble modernist space,
which together with a misty outdoor weather nicely complement the wood textures and its reflections.

Even though there are some things which could get a bit more attention and tinkering with, I am quite happy with the result ..

I'd be happy to hear your opinion on it :)

You can also find the project on my behance so feel free to check it there!


Thank you for your time,


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