Author Topic: Self-illumination displays the color swatch, even if a map is applied.  (Read 385 times)

2018-12-11, 16:49:43


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I would think if you have a map in the input for Self-illumination color, it should show that in the 3ds Max viewport with the map color, not the color swatch.

Example: I have an image of a candle flame in the Self-illumination  color swatch. I show map in the viewport and it is just bright white (or what ever the swatch color is).

Can we please have it respect the map color for this?

2018-12-12, 14:16:59
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This is currently a limitation to do with 3ds max itself and it may be fixed in a future version.
Just set your self-illumination color to black to see the texture on the object properly. Unfortunately, it will not be self-illuminated in the viewport.
The same trick works for CoronaLightMtl - black color in the color swatch allows you to preview the texture on the object
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2018-12-12, 14:46:59
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2018-12-12, 22:14:19
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Crazy Homeless Guy

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Just make the self-illumination swatch black and it will display your bitmap.