Author Topic: Ram usage / bad allocation  (Read 266 times)

2018-12-20, 19:24:49


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Having problems rendering with DR on our servers. If we send an animation to backburner and have each computer render 1 frame each, no DR, all the computers are able to render.

When we send the same file to one computer and have it distribute to all others it often crashes. A server will get a bad allocation, seems to be random as to which computer. Here's a screenshot from 3 of our 40 dr servers. The ram committed before the render starts seems to Drastically different.

2019-02-28, 16:47:03
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Hello, I am sorry, but we must have missed your message. Are you still having some problems? If so, we can continue here, or it would be even better if you could report them at
Once again sorry for the delay, and I hope all is fine already...