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2018-12-23, 17:25:08


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While the inclusion of a light lister with Corona 3 was nice to see, is there any chance of expanding its capabilities similar to ecXimer Dev's LightLister, with controls for not only Lights but CoronaSun, CoronaLightMtls, and Self-Illuminated CoronaMtls as well?

Seeing what lights are instanced or copied would help; if it's driven by a texture map, temperature, or direct colour; if it's driven by a map, can we get a button to select it and change it?; dimension spinners; keep IES shadows sharp checkbox; as well as accessing Include/Exclude lists from the Lister would be nice to have too. 

To make it easier, a direct clone of ecXimer's tool but integrated into Corona would be a good start.
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2018-12-23, 19:46:32
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Man, the UI of that eximer script looks so much better than Corona official's one.
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