Author Topic: My Bug Reporting for 2018-12-14  (Read 723 times)

2019-01-02, 08:21:47

Nejc Kilar

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Hello everybody,

I've decided to give Corona for Cinema4D another shot given that I've been using the 3ds Max version for quite a while now. Unfortunately, I think there is still a ton of work needed (most of the bugs are quite "ground breaking" for anything but daily renders work) but I'm hopeful this buglist is at least somewhat helpful in ironing out the C4D version.

Here is a quick bug report from playing around for 15 minutes this morning. I've also included screen captures for a few of them.

Interactive Rendering
  • Displacement doesn't update in the IR at all (IR needs restarting)
  • Corona Round Edges shader doesn't update properly in the IR (IR needs restarting)
  • Projector shader doesn't work and returns just a black output.
  • IR sometimes just randomly decides it will ignore the material's diffuse texture. Example: Adjusting Reflection Mix Strength when there is no texture present causes the IR to ignore the Diffuse map in the material.
  • The way the IR reads an object's normals is different than the way the final renderer reads them. Basically it makes the IR pretty much useless when working with CAD data / certain imported models because it can't display them properly. Corona for 3ds Max reads those same files just fine. (Houska, I remember we talked about it but I can't find the correct thread)
  • There is an odd "cleaning up" phase when starting up the IR for the first time. Not sure if it happens only on fresh starts or whatever but it takes a few seconds and I'm guessing it shouldn't do that.

AI Denoiser
  • AI Denoiser Flickering (Yup, still happening every time that multi-pass is turned on)

Corona Node Material Editor


Tested on: W8.1, 2x Xeon 2696v3, 64GB RAM, 1x 1070 & 1x 2080ti.

Generally speaking there are _quite_ a few more bugs I've encountered. IR especially seems to be quite random in what works and what doesn't. I think I'll be updating this thread as I get more time to "catalog" them properly :)

Inputs are welcome :)
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2019-01-02, 15:25:37
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  • Cestmir Houska
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Thanks for this list, Nejc.

It's quite concise and obviously a lot of work has been put into it. A lot of the issues we know about, but some of them are new to us. I also like how you concentrate on the UX issues, because that's one of our aims when designing Corona. So even though some of your points could be percieved as grumpy or nit-picky, it really shows us how easy (or hard, for that matter) it is to use Corona for C4D. So please, do continue!

I don't want to delve into details of the specific issues to not clutter the thread. We'll go over them one by one and try to match them with existing issues here on the forum nad address them. One thing that would be great is if you'd include links to the existing forum threads, if applicable.

But the single most important thing that I'd like from you - if I may - is to provide us with more info regarding the crashes. I tried both to add the subdivision and to add bump texture while the IR was running and tweaked a few things here and there in those two, but nothing caused a crash. And if there are other situations that cause a crash, we'll be happy to hear about them too.

Thanks again!

2019-01-03, 16:52:57
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Nejc Kilar

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Hey C,

Thanks for the kind words! I really want to reassure that it wasn't my intention to be grumpy or anything like that, I just wanted to be honest and make a good case for why I think certain things aren't quite optimal yet. I was really just trying to be helpful because I know you guys are probably busy nonstop.

So yeah, I'll try to edit the list with existing topics and if you find it helpful I'll keep it updated :)

Rock on!

edit: As for the crashes, they mostly appear to be random but I'll keep an eye on the ones that can be reproduced.
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2019-01-28, 10:13:12
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Hey guys!

Thanks for putting this together Nejc, well done!

First of all congrats on the release of Corona3, I really love this renderer!

Here are some of the issues I have:
1. Projector shader doesn't work
2. C4D isometric camera is not being rendered properly. Render view is different from viewport, camera seems to be moved to different coordinates.
3. Tweaking shaders while interactive rendering slows down the whole system, I have to wait a few moments before my mouse starts working again. This issue appears only on Xeons, it works much better when I disable hyperthreading (Not an ideal solution). On Threadripper it works fine.
4. Displacement doesn't update in IR.

I'm experiencing a few more issues, but I consider them to be minor/less important at this point in time.


1. Windows10 pro, 2x xeon 2697 v4, 128gb Ram, 4 x 1080Ti
2. Windows10 pro, Threadripper 2990wx, 32gb Ram, 4 x Radeon pro Duo

2020-01-17, 09:05:39
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Daniel Mikolajčák

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I would like to second the Projector shader. It is very very important shader and it seem to be not working as it should. Perhaps this is also Cinema 4d problem? Node editor has also few strange behaviours like forgetting bitmaps. I assume this is due to recent introduction of nodes to Cinema, well better later than never.