Author Topic: Standalone: shader with Color Correct map not correctly exported and... red!  (Read 271 times)

2019-01-30, 18:05:38


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I saw some difference between Standalone 2.0 and 4.0 daily.
Try to follo wmy example

#1. I have .max file and some shader with the Color Correct map in the DIFFUSE.
#2. Inside the CC I have a simlpe Bitmpa with a wood.jpg.
#3. I want to export the .scn file.
#4. Corona tells me that CC isn't supported: GOOD
#5. But, in the destination export folder I don't see the wood.jpg!
#6. Strange, because with Corona 2.0, the exported was able to export the wood.jpg.
#7. Now, if I render the .scn files, all the shader originally with the CC map are red!

With Corona 2.0 I was able to render "correctly".
I mean, the rendering was fine, but the corrections made with CC was simple ignored...

Is it a bug or what?

2019-02-05, 16:05:48
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