Author Topic: No typing possible when mousecursor out of VFB-Window area  (Read 288 times)

2019-02-01, 14:25:45


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Hi there Coronians! ;)

This is just a minor bug, but i thought i tell you that, if I  click into a "textbox" in the corona VFB-Post tab and then move my mouse cursor away and out of the boundaries of the VFB I am not able to type even though the existing text or digits rather are selected.

I hope you get, what I mean :)

I'm on a PC, Win 10 Pro and Cinema R20.030 Studio.

Again, thanks for making this great renderer possible and your endless patience with us users! :)

Have a nice weekend!


2019-02-01, 16:52:05
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Actually I'm glad you brought this up. Totally forgot about it. This catches me out all the time. If it was never implemented it wouldn't be a bug, possibly a feature request. Either way, it's needed. ;)