Author Topic: IR Not Stable on Mac  (Read 114 times)

2019-02-06, 18:28:19


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I've reported this issue and uploaded file in the past, but the problem persists with version 3 release (Build timestamp: Jan  6 2019 17:30:37, Version: 3.0 (core 3). I know there is a new build, but haven't tried that yet. Judging from the change list, I don't think it would make a difference. The IR will seem to to work as it's supposed to for a while, then just when you get comfortable and just work, boom. Crash. Most of the crashes I experience with Corona is when the IR is running. Doesn't matter how simple the settings are or how large the output is. If it's running and you do normal speed work, it will crash. I'm to the point of turning it off and just hitting the render button so I don't keep getting interrupted.

I can upload another file later if you want, but I need to keep working.

2019-02-06, 19:02:10
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I'm finding it very stable on Mac OS.  I've had very few crashes, especially with IR and we are rendering some huge, complex scenes.  How much RAM are you running?
Core 3 HF2 - C4D R19 - OSX 10.13.2 - 64GB RAM

2019-02-06, 19:24:03
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This certainly isn't universal, which means we really do need information about your crashes in order to diagnose and fix the issue. Please see, which includes info on the bug report txt that comes with crashes. From our point of view, while reporting a missing feature or some minor issue is always useful of course, having reports about crashes are the most critical things to have sent to us, as those are the most damaging for your workflow of course. We'll be happy to look at why this is happening for you, whenever you have the chance to report along with the bug report txts!