Author Topic: Ask for help, how to set corona in Paticle View  (Read 206 times)

2019-02-18, 11:11:15


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I am a newbie, ask for help, how to set corona in Paticle View

I am using Corona renderer, I am following the video, but when I go to 7:30 I don't know how to set up my Corona, I have set Render Type to Geometry, but it has not changed when rendering.
How should I set it up, Thank you very much


2019-02-18, 15:17:53
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Indeed, Corona does not respect pflow render type settings. Must be a bug. I will report it to the Team. Meanwhile, you can select pf source object, go to its object properties and uncheck renderable. That should work.
I'm not Corona Team member. Everything i say, is my personal opinion only.
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