Author Topic: IR Problem - Hotfix 2  (Read 589 times)

2019-04-01, 12:20:15


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it is very often that Corona IR renders in the background, but I do not see the VFB on my desktop.
I cannot open and stop the rendering and C4D is completely freezing. No reaction at all.
The only way ist to close C4D via taskbar without any saving.
Another point is, when you work with a larger meadow with 3d grass (renderinstances) the IR renders but the window does appear after a long long time.
The renderer is much faster than IR.
Is there something I do not know?

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2019-04-08, 08:55:28
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Naprawdę chcę wiedzieć W jaki sposób witryna się indeksuje i większość informacji na jej temat wystarczy do wyjaśnienia?

Please keep the discussion in English. Thx ;)