Author Topic: DrData Folder not clearing after Max size reached  (Read 149 times)

2019-05-04, 14:06:15

Alex Darby

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The image data folder keeps getting larger and larger. (\AppData\Local\CoronaRenderer\DrData)
Shouldn't it clear the folder after the Max directory size is reached (ie 10 gb)?
Will it only clear after each render is finished? Or will this happen during rendering.

The problem I'm now having is each render node is starting to run out of HDD space.
This didn't seem to be an issue on Corona 2.

We are currently using:
Corona 3 Hotfix 2 with Deadline.
3dsmax 2018
Windows 10

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2019-05-16, 16:03:43
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The working folder is cleared after the job is finished. It is possible that it gets bigger than specified, but that should happen only if the scene and assets are really big (in case they are transferred to the node).
It can also happen in case some other application kills the DR server before it actually clears the folder (e.g. Deadline - however I am not sure if this is possible).