Author Topic: Add VDB render and caustic for Corona for Cinema 4D  (Read 211 times)

2019-05-09, 12:27:53


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I don't know why you always biased for 3DSMAX. But Everyone love Cinema 4D more. And I'm still sitting here to waiting 2 features: Volume VDB render and caustic for Corona for Cinema 4D !
Please add it to roadmap. Thanks !

2019-05-09, 13:10:25
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Hello, David.

We actually do support caustics already! Look at the daily releases and you'll find them in the newest builds. We will support VDB eventually, don't worry. The problem is that it's a new piece if code that will have to be written, as it is very host-specific. The 3DSMax implementation cannot be reused unfortunately.

And we are not fully biased towards Max, for example the Fisheye camera appeared in the C4D version first ;-)