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2019-05-14, 18:43:31


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With Mantis gone, you can't report trivial stuff with minimal priority.
This thread serves as a nitpick collector, for stuff literally no one cares about...
No dev should waste time fixing this, but the intern needs to do something after all...

  • IR Max passes setting has zero as the default value, even though the default is 50. Right-clicking Max Passes should set it to 50, not 0
  • Opacity textbox in the CoronaColorCorrect Map, LUT category, is too far right, it draws over the border of value box's left side.
  • Valuebox for Hue in CoronaColorCorrect is lower than the it's "row", making the hue text appear too high and makes the spacing uneven.
  • Text for Dropdown for Render Setup->Camera->Shape: is not vertically (too low) alligned with it's dropdown. Below shown the correct allignment.
  • Interacting with dialogs under LUT makes a small black box appear in the dropdown menu
  • Disabling LUT greys the filename field, but not it's dropdown arrow (also black box is back again)
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2019-05-16, 14:01:28
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We actually care about stuff like this, so thanks a lot! We will forward this to the intern team ASAP!