Author Topic: RaySwitchMTL with Corona Light material problem  (Read 120 times)

2019-05-18, 02:03:37


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I want to use Corona Ray Switch material in order to lit the scene with emitting light mesh and to use material with self illumination to override direct/reflect/refract appearance of this mesh. There is no problem with reflect/refract override, but it doesn't work with direct override material - it's always gets light from the Light material and looks overburned.
On attached picture you can see example of this problem - sphere has CoronaRaySwitch material, box on foreground has refractive material, box on background has reflective material.
I don't know is it a bug or just matter of some specific settings, but would be grateful to get some help

2019-05-20, 17:22:26
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This is a known limitation.
"Light emitters cannot be ray-switched (example: light material which is directly visible as black, but emits blue light)."