Author Topic: 3ds max camera portrait or landscape  (Read 243 times)

2019-06-03, 22:01:09


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Hello. I recorded a video about how to change the orientation of the camera in 3d max. I outlined 3 ways.
Perhaps someone did not know something.
The language is Russian, but everything is visible on the screen.
I hope someone will be useful. thank

p.s. At the beginning of the video, I show how not to do, in my opinion. so do not rush to turn off

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2019-06-19, 10:24:14
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Finally someone has covered this topic! Thanks a lot Spel!

Can I suggest one more way?
1. Change the resolution to the landscape: 333x600
2. Change the Film Width in Corona Camera (Vray Camera or 3ds Max Physical camera to 24mm)

The second side of the camera sensor is calculated by multiplying the Film Width to the Image Aspect Ration.

пс. Владимир, круто, что ты еще в деле!